Studying in Complexity Science
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Studying Complexity Science



Fully-funded PhD places are available at the new Center for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling. The CDT pursues computational modelling research spanning engineering, computer science, mathematics, and the physical, natural and life sciences.

This site should be useful for anyone interested in finding out more about complex systems simulation, but, uniquely, it is particularly aimed at students who are interested in pursuing a PhD in complexity science research, or a career in this area.

Can I study it?


Complex systems simulation students come from a huge range of backgrounds.

Is it interesting?


Complex systems simulation tackles some of science and engineering's most challenging and fundamental questions.

Can I make a difference?


Issues of complexity are at the heart of some of the world's major social, technological, environmental and economic challenges.

Is it bankable?


The knowledge and skills associated with complex systems simulation are highly desirable across many industries.

Here you can discover what complexity science is and why there's a rapidly growing interest in it, and find information about careers, education, and research in complex systems simulation.

What is complexity science?

Complexity science is the scientific study of complex systems, systems with many parts that interact to produce global behaviour that cannot easily be explained in terms of interactions between the individual constituent elements. Complex systems include IT networks, ecosystems, brains, markets, cities and businesses... more...

Why is complexity science important now?

Complex systems present some of the most pressing real-world challenges for society, government and industry – in the environment, health and medicine, finance and economics, population growth, technology and transport... more...

Where is complexity science headed?

Modern trends in complexity are bringing together research from complex adaptive systems, systems biology, physics, environmental sciences, engineering and information technology to create exciting new research directions and innovative cross-disciplinary activities. more...

What opportunities are there in complexity science?

The push from industry to solve complexity challenges has produced a massive response from the UK research funding councils and the academic community... more...

How can I find out more about complexity science?

Further reading and links to more information are available. more...