Studying in Complexity Science
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courses in complexity science



Fully-funded PhD places are available at the new Center for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling. The CDT pursues computational modelling research spanning engineering, computer science, mathematics, and the physical, natural and life sciences.

There are a growing number of postgraduate opportunities in complexity science. But which is right for you?
Until recently, UK postgraduate training in complexity science was limited to a small number of PhD places scattered across a disparate array of university departments Today the possibilities are much more varied. Whether you have studied biology, computer science, maths, physics, geography, economics, or even architecture, there are opportunities suited to your background.

New doctoral training centres are focussing considerable student numbers on topics in complexity science, while dedicated masters-level courses in complexity science are also beginning to be offered by UK universities. Follow the links below to find out more about these opportunities.

Doctoral Training Centres

Masters Programmes

Recent Short Courses in Complexity Science

  • Cranfield University: Awareness and understanding of complexity science principles for real world research
  • University of Southampton: Complexity science: systems thinking from new biology to new ICT challenges
  • Universities of Liverpool and Salford: Embracing complexity in science and society - a taught course for build environment researchers
  • University of Manchester: From individual to collective behaviour in large-scale complex systems
  • University of Bath: Modelling across the scales (University of Bath)
  • London School of Economics: Taught course for researchers on complexity science and complex social systems
  • University of Bristol: Taught course on complex networks: analysis, control and applications
  • Imperial College London: Taught course on dynamics of complex systems: emergent phenomena via separation of scales in time and space
  • Open University: Taught postgraduate course on mathematics in the science of complex systems

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