Studying in Complexity Science
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frequently asked questions



Fully-funded PhD places are available at the new Center for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling. The CDT pursues computational modelling research spanning engineering, computer science, mathematics, and the physical, natural and life sciences.


What is complexity science?

Complexity science is the scientific study of complex systems, or complex adaptive systems. more...


What is a complex system?

A complex system is a system with many parts that interact to produce behavioural attributes of the whole that cannot be mapped on to those of of its components.

What is systems biology?

Systems Biology seeks to understand the workings of biological systems ‘as a whole’, placing a greater emphasis on the interactions between components, and the consequences of such interactions, than on the components themselves. In this context, Systems Biology can be summarised as the science of analysing and modelling genetic, macromolecular and metabolic networks in order to explain the higher order behaviour and function of complex systems. (from BBSRC - systems biology)